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Fabio Kuhn

Hi, I'm Fabio, a passionate full-stack software developer with a wide range of professional experiences and skills. I've been working in the software and digital product industry for more than 15 years.

I'm using my skills and talent to have a bigger impact on the world by working on projects in the area of Effective Altruism.


Software Development

Custom application development in both new and legacy projects. Experienced in the full stack of a web application – from databases to backend to frontend – or any part of them.

System Design

A crucial part of your product development process is figuring out the optimal system design. Defining the architecture, modules, interfaces, and data for a system to satisfy your specific requirements.


You are starting a new project and lack certain skills or can you use support in an existing team?

Software Development, Deployment and Operations

Transform your development into a continuous success of delivering high quality. Writing maintainable code, balance velocity with risks and ensure high uptime.

Development methodologies and team setup

Key part of creating valuable outcomes is to optimize your processes around the product development. Ensuring involvement of key stakeholders and identifying constraints to figure out clear structures and reasonable processes.

Product planning

What objectives to prioritize and how to reach key metric goals? I can help you figure out the path from your vision to an understandable strategy that leads to concrete actions.


Grow your business and hire the right people by getting a second opinion on a candidate.


You’ve learned the craft but still feel a bit unsure of the practice? Or maybe you hired a new programmer and want him to get started on the right foot? I’ll help you get up to speed with virtual or in-person pair programming and async code reviews.

My skillset

It's hard to list all the skills and things I do or did over the past years. I selected some of the more important and interesting skills and tools for which I have professional experiences with.

Back-end development: Ruby on Rails, NodeJS, Java, Redis, Postgresql, MySQL, GraphQL, API design, Caching

Front-end development: HTML (Slim, Haml), CSS (SCSS, Bootstrap, TailwindCSS), JavaScript (StimulusJS, NextJS), Git, SEO, accessibility, responsive web design

Web hosting: Heroku, AWS (S3, Cloudfront, etc), CI process setup, Monitoring, Sendgrid, etc

Libraries, Frameworks and Tools: Core Ruby on Rails, Rspec, Cucumber, Git, Sidekiq, and many more

Methodologies: ShapeUp, Scrum, Kanban, Scrumban, TDD, BDD, Post-Mortems, Retrospectives

Project development: ODI and Jobs to be done, Prototyping, User stories, Lean and MVP, Design Sprints, Start-Up and Big enterprise experience

Team lead: Coaching, Hiring, 1on1s, Performance reviews, Managing a fully remote team

Some of the projects I worked on

Want to give more effectively but don't want to give up your favorite charity? Evidence based research suggests: do both! Divide your donation between your favorite charity and a highly effective charity recommended by experts.

Algrano is a Swiss tech startup that changes the global trade of coffee. Using technology, Algrano has set an ambitious goal to revolutionise the centuries old coffee trade industry and make it more transparent. Through the Algrano online platform, coffee growers promote and sell their coffees straight to roasters in Europe

local.ch is the swiss phone directory. Recently they switched their entire front-end to Ruby. It is one of the most visited websites in Switzerland.


Brotseiten is a iOS App developed by Simplificator AG for the Swiss startup Brotseiten. The App lets readers subscribe to a weekly published edition of short stories by famous Swiss and German authors.

My work experience

2021 - nowFull-Stack Engineer & Consultant
Self-employed and working as a contractor on various projects in the field of Effective Altrusim. Some clients include

My Role

  • Full-stack development with RoR, Next.js, GraphQL, Postgresql
  • Participate in the product development planning
  • Evaluation and maintenance of technologies

2014 - 2021Principal & Lead Engineer
algrano is the first online community of coffee growers and roasters.

My Role

  • Full-stack development with Ruby on Rails, JavaScript
  • Participate in the product development planning
  • Evaluation and maintenance of technologies
  • Software engineers and teachnical team leader
  • Support the product team in reaching the objectives

2010 - 2013Software Engineer
Simplificator AG is a Swiss software agency and consultancy located in Zürich.
Although it was one of the first full Ruby on Rails company in Switzerland it uses now different technologies to solve client needs in the most optimal way.

My Role

  • Software Engineering - mainly with Ruby on Rails, RubyMotion, iOS and JavaScript
  • Specification and analysis of projects
  • Evaluation of technologies
  • Technical consultancy with clients
  • Testing and quality control
  • Bridge a fully remote team in a hybrid environment

2009 - 2014CEO and Software Engineer
whinybyte was a small startup located in Basel. We built small customized websites for clients, consulted and worked on Ruby on Rails projects in need and developed our own projects like fahrschule.ch.

My Role

  • Software Engineering - mainly with Ruby on Rails and JavaScript
  • Specification and analysis of projects
  • Web design, SEO and front-end development
  • Sales and marketing
  • Server Management

2004 - 2009Software Developer
Coop is the second biggest retailer in Switzerland. I started my appreniceship there at age 17 and worked in different fields. First in first level IT support where I learned communication skills, then from building websites with Java up to low-level programming for internal transaction processing with ABAP.

My Role

  • Internal first-level IT-Support
  • Java web evelopment
  • Web design for promotional pages
  • ABAP/SAP development
  • API and general interface design


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